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Dec 06

"Who pulls the strings here?" - Ben Zank


"Who pulls the strings here?" - Ben Zank

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May 30

agoraphobic nosebleed - altered states of america


1. Wonder Drug Wonderland

Teflon coated pain reliever,
the cure for the common pain in the ass.
Extra strength relief from ANb
Pharmaceuticals Incorporated;
America’s choice in designer
recreational narcotics.
ANb Pharmaceuticals
cares that you feel your drug.

2. Spreading the Dis-Ease

Roll down the window,
I need a breath of fresh shit.
Assume the worst,
and be amazed to disgust.
There is really no preparing yourself,
no day is without incident anymore.
Action is bad acting.
Everything’s a fuckin’ hassle.
Tomorrow you’ll care less.
How can this nonsense be a tragedy?
What’s to feel?
Fuck you
for even making me have to think today.

3. Ark of Ecoterrorism

Noah Bin Laden- introducing contraband
insect and animal species into areas
devoid of natural predators.
Natural selection is fought
out in defoliated forests;
future nature begins to flourish and
everything begins to change.

4. Living Lolita Blow Job

Palillo fuera de su lengueta.
Ten-year-old Puerto Rican girl
who already fuckin’ swallows.

5. Thawing Out

Examples of barbarism,
miss what you mock.
Slight pause to vomit.
Advocating organ harvesting,
equal opportunity destroyer.
Spontaneous combustion.

6. The Need for Better Body Armour

Impulses to self-destruction
the need for better body armor
is ever increasing.
Shooting blindly into the crowd.

7. Freeze-Dried Cemetery

Your kids are gonna fry like bacon
(Baby mummies)
No, you understand me fine!
(Ancient Slavonics)
Read this back to me,
I’ll give you a straight A.
Look like I’m smiling?
It’s a smirk.
(Guilty as charged)

8. Children Blown to Bits by the Bus Load

This is complete nihilism,
wrapped in a Zionist plot.
With exploding school buses.

9. Scoring in Heaven

In other cultures, death is more artistic.
And probably a lot more fun.

10. Fuck your Soccer Jesus

Every Sunday your mother is dragging your
ballbag off to goalie god’s green pussy.

11. Guided Tour

I remember
feeling like this all the time.
Copters and vultures,
sacred tradition.
Pumping for years to come:

12. Honky Dong

Squeezing his white banana blue
in your quivering rump.
His body lice devour your ass crack.

13. Famous Last Words

Chaos has something special.
Hit the curb hard,
just as intended.
Vitality, balance,
perfect control.
40-degree cooler.
Absolute right, wrong intention.

14. Osaka Milk Bar

Japanese rabbi mixing
liquid LSD and baby formula
to pump into infants
like nipple-fed Pokemon.
Drunk with the power to summon money
from their captivated and confused prey.
Pocketing the middle class American monster.

15. Drive by Blowjob on a Bicycle

Your mother’s a drive by
blowjob on a bicycle
peddling her ass all over town.
Ho sweet ho,
it’s all about her cash sniffin’ nose.

16. Ten Pounds of Remains

False teeth and a rubber hammer
white plastic shield.
Bring the kids a cute souvenir.

17. Utter Mental Retardation and Reversal of Man

I’ll be banging drugs into my skull
‘til I’m fucking retarded
and my accountability
has found it’s resolve.

18. Neotropolis Euphoria

Just a Disney ride to work
on the right combination of drugs.

19. Snitch Olympics

Ratfink asshole, sellin’ us out.
Callin’ you out.
No one’s bailin’ you out.
Corpse disposal.
Been a long time comin’.
Let the games begin!

20. Crawling Out of the Cradle into the Casket

Death in installments,
you start fuckin’ dying
the day you’re fuckin’ born.

21. Removing Locator Tooth

Searching for the locator tooth,
kidnapper removes the teeth in a
youth with a chisel and mallet
before fucking the youth in the face.
Shattered teeth found in
New Jersey dumpster.

22. Aum Shinrikyo

aum shinrikyo

23. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

the protocols of the elders of Zion

24. The Tokyo Subway Gassing

the Tokyo subway gassing

25. The Star of David

the star of David

26. Shintaro Ishihara and the Rape of Nanking in World War 2

shintaro ishihara and the rape of nanking in world war two

27. Mahikari

Mahikari; the Japanese new religion
that proclaimed itself the leader of a
Chosen People
that opened the gates to Aum,
who is planning a coming global

28. Micro-Tidal Wave

Nerve gas,
low frequency infra-sound beams.

29. Crop Dusting

Japan’s Aum doomsday cult,
that masterminded
the fatal nerve gas attack
on Tokyo subways,
considered spraying the drug LSD
from the sky.

30. LSD as a Chemical Weapon

The Aum ShinriKyo
(Aum Supreme Truth Sect)
first started studying the powerful
hallucinogenic LSD
as a kind of chemical weapon
it might use during an armed revolt.

31. Illegal Manufacture

The sect was making LSD,
mescaline, amphetamines,
and other illegal drugs
at the cult’s facilities.

32. Drugging the Control Group

Aum spiritual leader Shoko Asahara
ordered the production of the drugs
as part of his strategy
to control members of the cult.

33. Alice in La La Land

LSD, amphetamines and some sort of
exotic dopamine agonist.

34. Apocalypse as Mescaline Experience

The book of the dead is a trip
and the apocalypse describes
mescaline experience.

35. The Artificial Religioous Experience

We can cut enemy communications
and cook internal organs.
It feels like Jesus Christ
is touching my heart.

36. The First Day of Sodom: Pussy Hair Prayer Rug

Trading pussy heaven
up for Immaculate Conception.

37. The Second Day of Sodom: Distortion in Eden

Ass of man tempts Eve.

38. The Third Day of Sodom: Serpent of the Gay Pride Rainbow

Eve grows huge dick and fucks snake.

39. The Fourth Day of Sodom: Snaking Adams Black Apple

Snake coils around a piece of shit stuck in
the colon of an old roman.

40. The Fifth Day of Sodom: Like a Cretin on Christmas Eve

Blackbeard the Santa tosses the old
roman a Greek salad.

41. The Sixth Day of Sodom: Boston Hardcore Caligula

Ass jocks suck off Boston hardcore.

42. The Seventh Day of Sodom: Fantasizing Hydrahead

Boston hardcore closes its unsigned eyes
and pretends it’s Aaron and Mark
sucking their fucking dicks.

43. The Eighth Day of Sodom: Lamb of the Rotisserie God

Sodomite warms the ass of cooked lamb.

44. The Ninth Day of Sodom: Holiday Bowl Full of Asshole

Lamb chop placed across the ass crack of
the sweet Virgin Mary.

45. The Tenth Day of Sodom: Enter the House of Feasting

Banquet in the honor of sweet Mary
mother of god’s garnered virgin rump.

46. The Eleventh Day of Sodom: Passing Blunts and Cunts at Relapse

We all take a turn,
Matt Jacobson blows a peanut.

47. The Twelfth Day of Sodom: When Taking a Shit Feels Sexy

Immaculate defecation.
Covered in semen the blue-eyed demon
Jesus is born
from the cunt of a gay whore.

48. Poland Springfield Acid Bag

Altered States of America in water cooler
warfare with an unseen enemy.
Heat-flashes on the job, it’s back to the
water cooler,
drinking more and more.
At home tripping balls
behind the wheel of a sixteen car pile up.

49. Rectal Thermometer

A young child when sodomized
will shut down all systems.
A young infant who is sodomized
immediately goes to sleep.

50. Human Enhancement

The child went on to talk
about pooh pooh and pee pee in the mouth.

51. Necro-Cannibalistic Tendencies in Young Children

The children discuss cannabalism,
eating dead bodies.
Eating body parts:

52. Bombs with Butterfly Wings

They implanted bombs in their stomachs
and then they started to talk
their tummies would feel funny.
They knew the bombs were activated.

53. Watching a Clown Point a Gun at a Small Dog (Reprise)

54. Mosquito Holding Human Cattle Prod

Every person west of the Nile herded in a
mass northern migration.
Humanity huddled freezing dick
in the most useless corners of the world.
Standing in snow and human shit.

55. For Just Ten Cents a Day…

The Christian Science fund is why one in
three people in Africa have AIDS.
Help fund queer missionary workers’
pedophilic rape vacations,
fuckin’ the slaves of God’s charity.
Ethopian boy making out with Jesus
covered in white blood and red semen.

56. Mental Change(s): Altered Consciousness

(Hallucinating back to the event of birth.
Slowly regressing into primitive
stages of human evolution: and beyond.)

57. Radical Modernism

Red blowing out of ass and mouth
Let the dog DIE alone.

58. Human Enhancement

Mescaline kimono, chili peppers.
Woman fucked by wolf.

59. Juxtaposed Impacts

Sleeping at funerals, puking at parades.
You need the bullet and the gun.

60. Unprecedented Experiment

I do it and I feel real sad, real bad:
then I rise- cleansed!

61. Transparent Enclosure

Crubling graffiti.
Doom and siesta time.

62. Bong Hit Wonder


63. Opening to Personals Ad by Richard Johnson

Everyone’s someone’s biggest mistake
they ever made.
Get in touch with me, I could be yours.

64. Relapse Refusing UN Weapons Inspectors

We have a deadly biological weapon.
Send us money courtesy of Relapse Records
Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA

65. Neural Linguistic Programming

With every song on this CD
you will feel more and more compelled
to lose faith in yourself
and in everything around you.

66. The Fag vs The Indian

Fuckin’ fag.
Kill ‘em,
kill the fuckin’ Indian.

67. Black Metal Transvestite

Black metal is gay as a Catholic priest
slouching toward Gomorrah.
Face painted like
Gene Simmons at Halloween
with a tongue up some kids rump
looking for candy.
Put down that seven string and get a
fuckin’ job
you tired-looking homo,
Goth hand-banging geek.

68. Debbie Does Dishes

Don’t think,
you’re a fuckin’ idiot.

69. Marine Pornography (for Whale Cock Skateboards)

Losing my domestication,
like a tab in the ocean.
I hump like a fuckin’ whale
and piss wherever I want.
Thar’ she blows from my fuckin’ dick hole,
rolling down a rubber
as old as the Dead Sea scrolls.
Mermaid with AIDS call in the fuckin’ fleet,
chicken cunt in a sea of fresh white meat.

70. Keeping a Clean Kennel

If your ass is in this house it’s my ass.

71. Baby Mill pt. 1 (Born and Sold into Child Slavery)

Black and Hispanic newborns
for as low as a thousand dollars.
All shots- spayed and neutered.

72. Firearms for All Faiths

We have psychedelic shotguns,
mystical weapons for Hindus,
and Christians.

73. Domestic Solution

Kick the shit out of you.

74. Defenition of Death

You can wear all their clothes,
and watch all the same TV shows.
Little spots of you
dripping down
into the dust.
You can’t even form a reflection
in the mirror anymore.

75. Discolored

Dimensional gates align
choking while living.

76. Scott Hulk on Intramuscular Steroids


77. 4 Leeches (40,000 Leeches)

I’m big.
I whack off in the heat.
I’m real macho.
Master Yoda here I come.
The Yoda puppet’s out on loan,
but the guy who played the robot might be
available for work.
Somebody will do it to you.
And if they don’t, you will.

78. Group Taking Acid as Considered Conspiracy Against the Government

“What do you do with it?”
Just shut up and take it man.
Put it on your tongue.

79. Small Room and a Six Pack

doomed on my tiny cross.

80. Deviant Arousal

Proving your heterosexual credentials.

81. Unbound by Civilized Properties

Vomit on a wino’s whiskers,
the savage nomad
shits himself standing up.

82. They All Burned!

Most were heavyset
feeling bad
yellow with age
armchair is gone.

83. Shotgun Funeral

I’m here today to blast the two people
that came to grieve your passing.

84. Homophobic Assbleed

You’ve always had a tampon hanging
halfway out your ass you fuckin’
motherless cunt.

85. Exacting Revenge on Pets

Crack my fucking dog’s head wide open.
Dogs just like a fuckin’ woman,
hit ‘em and they just love you more.

86. Baby Mill pt. 2 (White Russian)

Caucasian Russian newborns for as low as
$5000 with dual U.S./Canadian

87. Narcoterrorist Megalomaniac

There’s so much money in guns and drugs
I could have anyone killed
with a phone call.
South American women
being torn apart by huge cats
for my masturbatory amusement.
Nothing like paying for a four thousand
dollar boob job on a third world slut
and have it ravaged by albino tigers.
While having another slut on your dick
trying to disprove her expandability.

88. Releasing a Dove from a Ghetto Rooftop

Dropped that pigeon six fucking stories
trying to see if bullshit can fly.
It was like blood pouring off a roof
onto an El Camino.
It was amazing he was still fuckin’ alive.

89. Bipartisan Buttfuck

Bipartisan dictatorship
devising the economic plan.
Benefiting the greedy,
conveniently excluding the working man.

90. Bent Over The Cross

Holy Roman orgy, fondlers of the cloth.
Catholic schools i.d. possible elementary
level queer stock.
Gay, shamed and guilted over to god,
slipping the white collar over fresh cock.
This is the semen of your salvation,
bent over the fuckin’ cross.

91. A Chance at Reprisal

I gave you a chance at reprisal,
and you didn’t take it.
I am going to send you to hell.

92. Altered Ego

The gratification of the ego
Oge eht fo noitacifitarg eht.
The gratification of the ego
Oge eht fo noitacifitarg eht.

93. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

You can talk to the police,
you can talk to the press,
you can talk to the politicians-
I don’t care man.
What we’re doing here is so bizarre;
no one will ever believe you.

94. Latter Day Mormon Ritual

They will slit the throat of a goat
and slit it’s bowels open.
And you will either have sex with a crucified
young girl on a cross
or a half rotted corpse.

95. 5 Band Genetic Equalizer pt. 3

From scientific theory
on mongrel idiocy to eugenic pedigree.
Mixing the race out of the test tube
in lab based baby creation.
True scientific excellence
removes the prejudice
in the future breeding of good strong
American stock.

96. Absurd Boast

I was getting my cock sucked
when the plane collided into the second tower.
She spit my nut up
and wiped her mouth
with the American flag.

97. Burning Social Interest

I prefer starting forest fires
to the company of others.
Fuck acceptance
for this crap sake of breathing.
Investing in friends
to be some freeloading turd
with a never-ending burn to save face.

98. Whore Torn Yet

I know how to kill an army of one,
with some Malaysian monkey cunt.
Armed and horny,
veteran of a foreign veneral disease.

99. Obi Wan Kaczynski

Opening a letter bomb with a light saber
so you can feel the force.
Ashes and anthrax
slowly settle on unused technology.
The age has come to invoke
catastrophe on the sand people.

100. Placing a Personal Memo on the Bosses Desk

Rifle through your desk
from a hundred yards away,
camouflaged in pigeon shit,
high on the tower of brotherly love.
A hopeless romantic,
Cupid’s arrow seeds itself in splintered

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